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Dr. Janie Wilson
Virginia R. Black, EdD
Amy A. Hackney, PhD
Larry Locker, PhD
Edward W. L. Smith, PhD
Daniel G. Webster, PhD
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Rebecca M. Murray, PhD
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Dr. Janie Wilson
Janice N. Steirn, PhD
Dr. William McIntosh, PhD
Dr. Lisa Ferdinand, PhD

Dr. Janie Wilson

Wednesday Nov. 2, 2005


1. BS College of Charleston; Doctorate of Philosophy Univ. South Carolina

2. BS Psychology, minor in English; PhD Psychology

3. Fall 1994 was offered the job; perks were tenure track and was primarily a teaching institution

4. Taught at Columbia College (a womens school), taught physiological psych., statistics, research methods, psychology of women

5. Teach physiological, stats, methods, senior research, intro., careers; Different? Having men in her classes was very weird at first, but an easy transition

6. 25 to 1

7. Stats has changed, its been farmed out to other depts to teach; also didn't have senior research.

8. No change in attitudes for most part, students seem to enjoy the subject

9. Mostly women, hasn't changed

10. It has gotten younger and more progressive thinkers have been added. The faculty is more open to students programs and the students taking on more power.

11. Statistics

12. Doesn't teach popular courses! Teaches mandatory courses. Students need to overcome the bad math feeling when entering statistics

13. Yes, the more the students enjoy the subject the higher their grades. She knows there is a significant correlation between attendance and grades for intro to psych. Class

14. In graduate school she studied fetal alcohol syndrome in rats. At GSU she does stress research; social stress reduction in rats.

15. No private practice ever

16. Statistics to be completely under the psychology department. To have a teaching emphasis in the masters program. Student mentors for research methods; for the staff and advisement to be more active.

17. Has increase and will continue, its very popular

18. Its great! Might be interested in teaching clinical neuroscience.

19. Best The school is a good fit, there is a good reward system in place. Also, interacting with the teachers and no one else does her research! Worst Politics of the school, but doesn't participate anymore!

20. Never retiring! But, if she does she will hang out with her husband and dabble in antiquing!

21. Be a competent, on time, easy-going person and you will have opportunities. Be who you are and have a good work ethic. . . NEVER give excuses. Your choices are you own; make choices, stand behind them and be proud.

Ben Kellum