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Kathy Wiegand, PhD
Virginia R. Black, EdD
Amy A. Hackney, PhD
Larry Locker, PhD
Edward W. L. Smith, PhD
Daniel G. Webster, PhD
Kathy Wiegand, PhD
Rebecca M. Murray, PhD
James L. Pugh, PhD
Dr. Paul Kleinginna
Dr. Janie Wilson
Janice N. Steirn, PhD
Dr. William McIntosh, PhD
Dr. Lisa Ferdinand, PhD

Kathy Wiegand, PhD

What are your degrees and from where did you earn them?

B.A. in Psychology and Spanish from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana

M.S. and PhD from Purdue University

When did you come to GSU to teach and why?

Came in 2005

Main reason, liked the faculty and liked that there was a good balance between research and teaching

Have you taught at other colleges or universities, if so, what courses did you teach?

As a graduate, taught Industrial / organizational Psychology and was a TA for introductory psychology at Purdue

What courses do you teach at GSU and how are they different from those taught at other universities?

Currently teaching two sections of Research Methods

What was the teacher to student ratio when you arrived here?

Estimate: 1 teacher to 25 students

What courses were offered when you started teaching at GSU and how has that changed till the present?

Started in 2005

What were students&; attitudes toward psychology when you started teaching here and how have they changed over the years?

Don,t completely have a sense yet

To what do you attribute these changes, if any?

What was the male to female ratio in the psychology department when you started?

Currently, estimate: 4 females to 1 male

How has the department changed since Georgia Southern became a university?

Came in 2005

What is your favorite course to teach?

Only teaching research methods right now but will teach I/O psychology and senior seminar in spring 2006

From what you can tell, what are your students; favorite courses to take?

Only taught research methods

Do you see a correlation between classes that your students find favorable and higher grades?

What types of research have you been or are you currently involved in?

Research interests include emotions, attitudes toward work (I/O areas) and psychology of religion

Have you had or do you currently have a private practice?


If so, what kind of patients did you or do you see?

What are some things you would like to see happen in the psychology department in the next five years?

Concerning the changes that will be made in the Psychology department, hope that these changes will not take away from the student teacher relationship

Are there any psychology courses not offered at GSU that you would like to see offered or that you would like to teach?

Evolutionary psychology

Industrial / Organizational psychology

Human factors class

Undergraduate psychometrics class

Do you see the number of psychology students or an interest in psychology growing at GSU?

Growing is uncertain, but definitely not declining

What is your response to the possibility of the offering of a PsyD program at GSU?

It's a great thing in that the way that it is set up for this area of Georgia

What is the best thing about being a psychology professor at GSU?

Really enjoy working with this age group and helping those at turning points in life (like most college students) figure out where they want to go next

What is the worst thing about being a psychology professor at GSU?

Times when there is an overwhelming amount of work

What advice would you give to a student interested in pursuing a degree in psychology?

Keep in mind the practical applications of a degree in Psychology, and how you are going to be able to use what you have learned.

Ben Kellum