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Dr. William McIntosh, PhD
Virginia R. Black, EdD
Amy A. Hackney, PhD
Larry Locker, PhD
Edward W. L. Smith, PhD
Daniel G. Webster, PhD
Kathy Wiegand, PhD
Rebecca M. Murray, PhD
James L. Pugh, PhD
Dr. Paul Kleinginna
Dr. Janie Wilson
Janice N. Steirn, PhD
Dr. William McIntosh, PhD
Dr. Lisa Ferdinand, PhD

Dr. William McIntosh

1.) Earned his Bachelors from Fordham University; Masters from Dukane(check spelling) University and PhD from the University of Georgia

2.) Masters of Science and PhD in Social Psychology

3.) Came here in 1990 as a temp and in 1992 he became a professor. He came here because it was a job.

4.) No

5.) N/A

6.) He had no clue except that there was about 12,000 students when he got here.

7.) Two psyc stat courses. No senior research it was split up to experimental social and developmental. There was no GSU 1210 and very few electives.

8.) More students want to stay in Psychology; there are more majors now.

9.) More female (he said like 75% female)

10.) Department is the same size really but there are more clinical people. There were mostly temps when he got here and now they are mostly tenured.

11.) Humanistic Transpersonal

12.) Content courses they want to know more about psychology, not do research

13.) Yes

14.) Currently: Online dating cites and looking at people who are willing to date people of other races. Also he does depictions of people in Hollywood films. When he got here he mostly looked at goals and happiness.

15.) No

16.) PsyD coming in 2 years. A clinic coming in a couple of months. He would like to see a new building. He would like to see environmental psychology courses

17.) Yes; more and more majors (2nd or 3rd largest major on campus)

18.) Very excited about it

19.) BEST PART: You never wonder if what you are doing is worth doing. Also we have a wonderfully warm department faculty wise. WORST PART: He said the worst part was administrative crap that comes from above like things dumped into your lap.

20.) N/A

21.) No advice; most people seem pretty on the ball about what they want to do.

Ben Kellum