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Dr. Paul Kleinginna
Virginia R. Black, EdD
Amy A. Hackney, PhD
Larry Locker, PhD
Edward W. L. Smith, PhD
Daniel G. Webster, PhD
Kathy Wiegand, PhD
Rebecca M. Murray, PhD
James L. Pugh, PhD
Dr. Paul Kleinginna
Dr. Janie Wilson
Janice N. Steirn, PhD
Dr. William McIntosh, PhD
Dr. Lisa Ferdinand, PhD

Dr. Paul Kleinginna

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2005


*Retired Emeritus, meaning on good standing with the school; also was a full professor*

1. University of Miami for BA, Masters and PhD.

2. All psychology

3. Came in 1970 b/c he wanted a quick job

4. Taught 1 year of psychology at St. Leo College in Florida. Taught for 31 years total.

5. Has taught over 20 courses! History and systems, animal behavior, motivation and emotion, physiological psych., social, industrial organizational psych., evolutionary psych, abnormal, intro, developmental, and graduate statistics. STARTED psych of religion.

6. 1970- 5,000 students at the college, classes were MUCH smaller

7. The basic courses have always been more dominant, but the variety has increased over the years.

8. Always enthusiastic and interested. Over the years students became more assertive, challenging the teachers often mostly due to grades. Probably due to the larger school and more national and cultural diversity

9. mostly women

10. More students; larger classes; more pressure to publish on faculty. Seems like the bigger the school the better.

11. History and Systems


13. Yes, if interested in the subject than made good grades.

14. Originally trained in animal behavior and writing theoretically about motivation and emotion. Stays active in psychology doing research on new ideas/thoughts that are developing looking through the internet and psych magazines. Also, there are a lot of psychologists in his family so they discuss new information often.

15. No, b/c he has a degree in experimental.

16. That history and systems would become a requirement! Also, that the PsyD pay close attention to theory development

17. It is so hard to get graduate degrees it lessens the appeal of the major. People often switch to something easier.

18. I'm RETIRED!!!

19. Best it was almost like playing b/c he enjoyed it so much; enjoyed the students; enjoyed his colleagues. Worst pressure to publish and students who cheated

20. Very enjoyable, able to be curious and look into things he is interested in.

21. Entering at a good time b/c many old ideas psychologists now have a better handle on. There is continued improvement and its an exciting field!

Ben Kellum